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Being Pagan In Rochester New York

Video recorded as of Monday morning August 5th 2013 in Rochester New York regarding malicious activity as waged against us and our mail around 2 in the AM under the cover of night by opposing Wiccan’s and heathens apparently taking it out on us because of the cancellation of Rochester Pagan Pride and my commentary regarding a Charlene Hacker and one Philip M Musk regarding his filthy disgusting posted attacks against me on our blog Witches Of Lore from last year.

In the video I explain more fully what else occurred here which involved some asshole who looked a lot like MMUSK running from the back window of our home and into the woods where the halfwit then started howling like some demented fool.

I am VERY angry and upset in this video. So I’m saying it like it is on what it means to be a Pagan in Rochester NY. And takes my words to heart. Because this is what happens to people who are Pagans by Wiccans when they don’t like you.

Crafting Shadows

I communicate with a great many Witches and other’s beneath the radar Pagan folk who all have shared the same experiences and problems with others within their own community be it through Pagan Prides or newly hatched know it all Wiccan’s.

Now I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again that all such pathetic manipulative and controlling such occurrences do nothing but drive more and more Pagan’s underground where they can be themselves without being made to feel like outcasts.

And the ones behind such drives which forced other’s underground are well aware of what they are doing.

And so what do they do in order to bring such people to the surface again?

Well one such new age Wiccan shop first created a self help group where Pagan’s with problems could share all their dirt with those wonderful trusting Wiccan’s who could not even keep their mouths shut over their own clients paid for psychic readings.

So it flopped.

Now they are trying the food pantry approach as a means of once more attracting the trusting to pickup free food while walking past all their other merchandise and family friendly brochures regarding up and coming “open functions” so it can later be said how wonderful they were for handing out free food to the needy.

I’m thinking their original plan of profiting from all those in coming innocent college students don’t always pay off for them.

Sort of reminiscent of the fly and the spider where the spider tells the fly to step into her parlor.

Trust don’t come easy in this part of New York where Rochester is said to be a den of pit vipers.

And believe me when I tell you that the “ladies” behind the pit viper reputation deserve it.

So in Rochester that seems to be all that the craft is about. Themselves. And their greed for power and control over anyone who will give it to them.

But the craft is so much more in this region than others may lead you to believe well beyond the over sexed high priestess of an all women’s coven whose more obsessed with sexual cosplay than she is in taking care of her own people.

There is a mastery of the very elements themselves which in turn empower and make balance with those who choose such pathways in blending our Witch past with that of the present.

They will tell you anything to prevent you from possibly gaining access to such wisdom so they may keep you enslaved within their own system of belief which serves only to increase their greatness as your time with them serves in paying homage of them while leaving you with the stench of their crotch upon your very face.

Scoff if you would but challenge this message and seek your own answers as to how far have you truly gone since following their self serving path on indulgence.

But I feel safe with them.
And that is how you are meant to feel.

But she is like a mother to me.
And yet what true mother never allows her “daughters” to grow away from her.

But she gives me power to thrive in this world.
And yet much like a drug pusher have you become dependent upon her.

That of which poses itself within the tribes of the craft surrounding the new age food pantry store does not honor nor even practices anything reminiscent of true Witchcraft but only that created for the purpose of self indulgence and placating those which placed themselves in authority.

They may mock the existence of the Shadow Tradition but never have they harmed nor prevented it’s existence nor ever controlled where it goes or what it does because of the vast differences between they and our own.

Another difference between those of the tribe and the Shadow tradition is that while they have made attempts at harming us we had never made such attempts against them. Because we will never attack the weak but will defend when need be.

And as for Lady Bast and the new location was it merely child’s play to leave behind a small bit of webbing filled with much intent in order to prevent her from using such location for further magick against those she opposes.

We will never be forced into a local Witch war because we will not allow it in this region or beyond so it may be twisted by lies and deceit in gaining her and her associate’s further power.

Still there are loose tongues within her circle of associates willing to betray her. If only she would learn to keep her venomous mouth shut.

Now do you see what I mean about what the craft has become in this region by only a minority of people within the Rochester NY Wiccan community?

Solidarity has been severely compromised while those of the old path continue unimpeded.

So Mote It Be.

Rochester Pride And Psychic’s Thyme

I’m reminded from time to time on just how hated and despised I’ve become within the portions of the Rochester Pagan community. Usually because of one sided reporting by those which have the most to lose should I ever the chance to speak.

I took a beating from this community last year between cyber attacks and dead animals left on our doorsteps. So it having been canceled by storms last year came as no surprise for many who know the power and connection this tradition maintains.

The assault against us by people representing both Rochester Pagan Pride and Psychic’s Thyme has neither been forgotten nor forgiven.

Other’s who played their part had and continue still to pay their dues.

And so it shall be with the rest. – So Mote It Be

Magick The Undisclosed

In my community of Western New York has long existed the rumor of specific magickal groups which have been using their magick to harm and even kill people they felt fearful or intimidated of locally.

Some have called them death covens. Involving a gathering of people bent on hate and destruction provided they rule the roost including means of generating money and the control of people like wise calling themselves Wiccan or what have you.

I have been on the receiving end of such magick attempts of malice by those who otherwise have never been truly successful in their own life. And as karma dictates have they also suffered for their acts time and again since all their magick is nothing more than play acting as evident from the constant tempting of fate.

People from time to time ask me of my own magick even though evidence of it exists publicly if only more people would open their eyes to the reality of it instead of being mislead by those within the Wiccan community only interested in self aggrandizement.

So what is my magick?

Well it is many things which are backed by centuries of trust and guidance as developed by generation after generation of interaction with the natural and supernatural involving strict mental discipline resulting in what might better be refer to as an expression of advanced Mortuary Magick.

It is a system of balance which is both beautiful and deadly if ever needed which has no interest in strife and yet is fully capable of striking back if ever needed. Something of which many of the community have learned countless times.Eliment Of Shado

The included photo, which was taken the following day after my recent return from the hospital, represents just one demonstration of the nature and elements of which are one with those of my particular form of magick. For example this specific element is attuned to the name “Theresa” for which it will endeavor to reward for all that someone of this namesake is responsible of having done against others by way of others as well as by her own hand.