About Lord Archaeus

I am many things and yet non existent. I exist between moments. Move within shadows. I am peripheral. Conscious and yet transcended. Singular yet embodied by truths held sacred and occult.

I’ve been within the craft for going on 43 years since having entered my first coven at age 8.

Regarding the paranormal field I really didn’t involve myself fully until the year 1980 where by then having been well versed in the supernatural was it only natural that anything paranormal would prove greatly enhanced by my prior vocation.

I am a male Witch.

My tradition of Shadow Lore has existed for more than 300 years between its birthing ground of Scotland to it’s eventual emigration and settlement of Western New York.

It is a highly evolved and singular tradition which embraces an exclusive relationship with nature and the supernatural through which we refer to as Mortuary Magick.

And I am a Lord Of Shadows.