Häxan: The Power

Häxan: The Power – Was over judicially persecuted because of it’s blending of readily accessible and well antiquated video art blended with the powerful theme of self empowerment in creating a modern and upbeat message regarding the effects of mass public hysteria.

Both the movie Häxan and the song The Power by H-Blockx have been numerous times uploaded by third party enthusiasts without so much as a hassle. But when I blended the two together was my creation rigorously persecuted to the extend of being blocked WORLD WIDE!

Now after having been contacted numerous times by those who never had the opportunity to view my creation have I now chosen to post it here in order to shield it from any further modern day persecution or attempted behind the scene sabotage.

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Witches Of Shadow Lore

Shadow Craft

Shadow Craft

When I’m not being insulted by others of dubious pedigree am I the High Priest and Founder of the Shadow Tradition Of Lore.

This is an actual captured image of my raising energy while standing outdoors just after a winter storm.

We don’t boast our abilities.

Nor do we force our existence on others.

But we are very much of the belief in respect both given and received.

And magick for us comes as natural as breathing.

Many have attempted our down fall and just as many have failed.

We do not war.

But we do survive at any and all cost.

We are children of the same shadows of which had shielded many a Witch from the prying eyes of our inquisition and prosecution.

And thus as then have we evolved to this present day and knowing.

– Blessing Upon All Who Read Of This And Thank You.

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The Wizard Strikes Back

Been a long time since last posting anything through this site. Mainly because I walked away from the Pagan community and many of the people in my own community who ruined it for everyone but themselves and their own people who empowered them and paid their bills.

In all that time many people came forward requesting either info or had requested joining this tradition. All of which was collected as data towards their further interest.

We as a tradition still exist. We have not been intimidated. Plus we have neither ties nor allegiance with any other coven or tradition but rather have coexisted within the shadows beyond their reach.

The following video is our most current.

We are returned.


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Storm Wizard

Casting a wee bit of magick within the tempest of a passing storm.

Such magick does indeed exist within the belief and advanced conscious discipline of Witchcraft though not every instructor may possess the inclination or talent to pass such knowledge on to their students whether paid or otherwise.

Most coven or study groups remain tightly woven in their hero worship of whoever may be their particular High Priestess/Priest based primarily on any proclaimed say so of wisdom or theatrics from hidden books of highlighted knowledge.

These I refer to as Book Craft Covens. And they presently dominate the American landscape far more than those more traditional involving elder tongue and time honored transference of our history and ways.

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