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Pagan Visionary

As much as I would had hoped that my experience with the Wiccan faith had been one of joy and happiness as many others have described it can I truthfully not do so with a clear conscious. For Wicca, as a spirituality, is known to treat cruelly and with great indifference anyone whom it may deem a threat to its presence in the Pagan community.

And will do everything in its power to silence anyone who may attempted to warn others of its growing agenda.

Wicca came with no unique knowledge other than that taken from the craft. Where in time it had changed the very name of sacred symbols such as the Witches Star or Pentagram to that now known as the Wiccan Star.

Wicca originally had forced upon the Pagan community change in the form of banishing such words from our vocabulary as Witch and Witchcraft to be replaced with Wicca and Wiccan so as to promote a softer image towards the Christians so they would no longer deem us a threat.

What instead occurred was that Wicca systematically superimposed itself over both the ways and methodologies of the craft and even its history to a point of almost near distortion thus eliminating almost anything which had been of the original craft.

Wicca have also now expected Pagans to embrace Satanists as just another Pagan brethren. Where in essence the Wicca have done more to harm the original craft than the Christians could have ever dreamed even to the point of now waging war against the Christians seeking “rights” when Witches had always existed peacefully within the shadows having learned our lessons since the burning times of persecution.

It was this message which the Wicca had attacked and attempted to silenced when they forced YouTube to illegally silence my right of free speech several years ago. And it was this video that YouTube Wiccan’s had fought against because of its thought provoking and spiritually so called constitutionally protected message which it contains.

This video is not meant as a mockery against history nor its victims nor is it meant to glorify or promote racial hatred. This video was produced as a means of expressing a creative concept.

I have always maintained an accurate love of history which had long ago taught me that to ignore or erase any period of history only condemns some future generation to repeat what might originally been another generations greatest sorrow and loss.

- Blessing Upon Us All – Lord Archaeus – Shadow Tradition Of Lore

Magick And Shadow – Moonshadow Lounge

In this pod cast your Host of the Moonshadow Lounge Joe Burkhart gives his seasoned opinion and stand on the meaning of Native American Shamanism as compared to the existence of non Native American shaman’s.

Mr. Burkhart will then take you through a short journey covering his interpretation on the actual meaning of magick.

Magick And Shadow – Moonshadow Lounge

Moonshadow Lounge comes to you compliments of the Beyond Dead Network.

See you there!

Witchual Ritual Winters Soul

Here I spend a few minutes warming myself up to the nature elements which have also incorporated a few of them within the wood essence of my magickal cane.

Observe closely and you may notice a number of interesting apparent synchronized moments such as the sound which followed immediately after having pointed in my cameras direction which goes to demonstrate that a well trained and magickaly versed mind can indeed throw about thoughts which are just another form of energy. – Blessings – Lady Cyn & Lord Archaeus

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